OMG! Three People Allegedly Electrocuted By A Faulty Streetlight Pole At Kosofe Bus Stop, Lagos_1

The sad incidence reportedly took place on Friday, between glass house mile and kosofe bus stop, Mile 12, Lagos, as they were trying to cross an iron barricade on the ikorodu expressway.

According to Newseveryhour, the state government recently barricaded the road-divider around the area, with iron rails, to force people to use the newly built pedestrian bridge, instead of crossing the road.

However, because the pedestrian bridge location is very far from particular spot, people who have businesses at the other side of the road always cross the iron rail demarcation after bending the sharp pointed irons fitted on top.

Unfortunately, there was a naaked wire from a streetlight pole, making contact with the rail and so, everyone trying to cross the place on saturday, was shocked. Three people were unlucky and died at different times on saturday, after getting electrocuted by the rail.

Concerned residents later tied a red flag on the rail, while some people stood at the bus stop, sending unsuspecting people back to avoid further disaster.