New LeEco Flagship Phone To Pack An Insane 8GB Of RAM, 25MP Camera_1

LeEco is a Chinese brand that seems to be rocking the mobile market in Asia and it won’t stop getting into the news. company has been rumored to be prepping an 8GB RAM flagship and really, sounds rather insane. While is only a rumor that shouldn’t be totally believed, it should be kept in mind that Chinese brands are now getting into specifications wars, pulling stunts that may not really be practical just to gain attention.

It seems LeEco is taking Android smartphones in the realm of PCs with kind of ridiculously huge specifications. 8GB of RAM looks more like an overkill, there are gaming PCs around with only 6GB of random access memory performing excellently.

LeEco already has a 6GB RAM phone, and company was one of the first to have 6GB RAM devices in the market. It currently boasts of having the fastest smartphone in the worldaccording to Antutu and it was also the first company to make use of Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. It shouldn’t really be surprising if it puts a whole 8GB RAM on a smartphone.

It doesn’t seem to be the war of megapixels anymore. Just for the record, the iPhone 6s has only 2GB RAM and it beat all Android smartphones with 4GB RAM last year in terms of performance. Samsung too has only 4GB RAM on the Galaxy S7 Edge and it’s undoubtedly one of the fastest devices around. 8GB RAM looks like an overkill, but I may be wrong.