Jim Iyke Pays Tribute To Keshi, Admits It’s A Personal Loss_1

Jim Iyke Pays Tribute To Keshi, Admits It’s A Personal Loss_2

I was reluctant to say something. Words truly fail me now. I don't know where to begin. Barely a couple of months ago victor and I were on the phone to offer our condolences and respect on the passing of your lovely wife. About a month ago I was at the office in Atlanta, enthusiastically discussing with your son Steve Jnr, about how to start up great business idea we all hatched up. Then happened!! How does one go about eulogizing a giant; a national and global icon. An amazing father and steadfast leader.
You were the best amongst equals. A man that weathered fame and victory with the same seamless grace and guts as failure and criticism. You gave everything in your soul to my countrymen even when some chose to suffer temporary amnesia when you faltered a few times. I have blatantly refused to make sense of senseless loss. Gone too soon. The bonfire in the desert storm. God grant your family the strength and fortitude to bear heart-rending loss.

You were the pioneer that stood at the door of international acclaim and opened it for generations to follow. You sacrificed so that others can dare to dream and achieve. You redefined being a boss on the international stage long before we even wrapped our heads around the concept of the word and its eminent potentials. You will always be my hero coacha! Adieu BIG BOSS! Your legacy and philosophy is indelible on the sands of time. God is in charge now.